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Do’s and Don’ts of Your New Home Gym

Do's and Don’ts of Your New Home Gym

If you are like many millions of other people, the gym might just get the best of you. Even the most insane gym enthusiasts and fitness freaks don’t really want to have to deal with some of the nuisances that come with a private gym membership. A lot of the time, the stresses that can be associated with the crowds, distance from your house, and costs of gym membership tend to get in the way and people don’t end up going to the gym at all. One solution to this problem is not exercising. A much more desirable solution to that problem is to find your own workout equipment and build a home gym.

Do's and Don’ts of Your New Home GymYou are going to find it very difficult to make excuses and not exercise when you have a treadmill and a set of dumbbells in the basement. You will have more time to spend on your fitness, do it in a less stressful environment, and ultimately get the most out of your workout with a home gym. Because having a home gym is probably going to be new to you, these are some things that you should and shouldn’t do to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your home workout.

Don’t buy low-priced treadmills from discount superstores. They are low priced for a reason and are rarely of good quality. Like everything else in the world, you get what you pay for so make sure that you do a lot of research and read as many treadmill reviews as possible. These treadmills tend to be ones you see on craigslist for a tenth of what they originally cost because it quite simply is not a quality product and their owners only realized it too late.

Do buy a treadmill with a high continuous horsepower motor and a good suspension system. You have to remember that with every step you take, you are slamming 100 and some odd pounds onto a belt being driven by an electric motor. The stresses that a treadmill must ensure day-to-day would be absolute torture if it were a living thing so the durability of the suspension and a good motor go along way. You can decide as to which other bells and whistles you want, such as a heart rate monitor or the option of incline, but make sure that the product you are buying has great suspension and a dependable motor because without those two things, all your treadmill’s bells and whistles are completely useless.

Do discuss with an equipment expert as to what your individual goals should be and what you can do with the space you have. Because you are no longer at the gym, finding somebody to ask questions about your workout is going to be difficult. If you can find fitness professionals online, see what they have to say about your specific worker routine. Where you end up buying your equipment should also be another great resource for information but watch out for pushy salesmen trying to up sell you. You may not have room for large pieces of equipment but they will definitely be able to suggest something that can work for you. Purchasing the wrong equipment and using it incorrectly could mean that all your hard work amounts to nothing and there will be nobody there to correct your mistakes at home so make sure you know what you’re doing before you get into it.

Do take the time to try out different pieces of the same equipment so that you learn what best suits your needs. I found that different gyms in my neighborhood tended to have different equipment and it was a great way to benchmark certain fitness machines against each other. Gyms generally really just want to get people in the door so they rarely mind letting you work out for an hour even if you don’t have a membership. If you’re planning on buying a treadmill, try to go to a different gym three or four nights a week and try as many treadmills as they have. Directly comparing the different machines will give you a much broader understanding of the individual differences and little nuances each one has. This practice will help you make a much more informed decision on purchasing your own treadmill. The same goes for any other potential equipment you would buy for your home gym.

Do hire a personal trainer to help you out. Getting started will be the hardest part, especially if you don’t really know what you are doing. It is a personal trainer’s job to get somebody working out effectively and seeing as you aren’t at a gym, there probably won’t be any personal trainers walking around your house offering assistance. You should definitely spend some extra money and get somebody to go over a routine with you so that you can get the best out of your workout. Working out is going to be different for every single person so a personal trainer is an incredible asset to anybody’s workout and can often be the most important part.

Don’t buy used equipment without doing your research. A lot of the people who have their treadmills for sale on craigslist and other second-hand buy and sell sites usually bought that products and only learned about it after using them for a while. I wouldn’t recommend buying used for anybody who wouldn’t consider himself or herself an expert on fitness. If you do, however, really make sure that you do your research on any prospective models. If every review you read as positive and it’s a really good deal, make sure that you go for a run on the treadmill or take the rowing machine for a good 30 minute spin before purchasing it. You are going to want to make sure that this piece of equipment is going to last under your repeated beatings day in and day out.

With this info, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to create a lasting home workout routine that keeps you away from all the stresses associated with the gym. Knowing your equipment is of great quality and won’t be breaking anytime in the near future will be a load off you mind and you will finally be able to work out without any complications. Your workout will be more personalized and you won’t even have to leave home making your exercise a truly stress-free and relaxing experience.

Fitness Information

Fitness Information

Welcome to our Fitness Information section. This website has been especially prepared to serve as a learning guide for Fitness Beginners like you. We cover an extensive range of topics about Fitness. Here, you will know what Fitness is all about, learn how to get started, be acquainted with the different Fitness exercises, know its different variations, and be familiar with the various pieces of gear and equipment you need. Let this website be a helpful tool on your road to wellness!

Fitness Basics and Background Information

Fitness is the combination of qualities that enable us to perform vigorous physical activities. Know more about Fitness, including its history, by reading this section.

Fitness – How to Get Started

Are you already familiar in how to choose a Fitness method? If not, this section will help you out. This section covers several essential things that you need to know in getting started.

Fitness Exercises

There are various Fitness Exercises you can choose from. Read this section to know in detail the different Fitness Exercises such as Stretching, Resistance Training, and Aerobic Exercises.

Fitness Nutrition & Diet

Food fuels your body when you’re working out. Thus, all Fitness Programs and Workouts need to be supported by sensible advice on nutrition & diet to be effective.

Fitness Variations

Know all about Aerobic Exercises, their short descriptions, their target body or muscle area, and the suggested ways to incorporate them in your Fitness Plan by reading this section.

Fitness Equipment

Most Physical Fitness Exercises need pieces of equipment. Read this section to know more about the pieces of Fitness Equipment, including tips in buying them.

Fitness Safety

In this section, learn some tips to stay injury-free and get familiar with the common workout- and Pilates-related injuries.

This informative website covers a wide range of topics related to Fitness. We have sections dedicated to its Basics and Backgrounds, guide in Getting Started, Fitness Exercises, Variations, and Equipment. We hope that this section have inspired you to pursue Fitness. Remember that doing Physical Fitness Exercises helps a lot in improving your health and well-being.

Exercise Floor Mats | Workout Fitness Mat

Exercise Floor Mats | Workout Fitness Mat

Exercise mats are used to provide cushioned support for comfortable floor exercises and to help protect you against injury. If your fitness program involves floor exercises such as chest press and crunches, then an exercise mat is an essential tool.

When buying a workout fitness mat, take into account where you will be using the mat, how hard the floor is in that area, and how much space you need to store a workout mat when you are not using it. Our shop has workout mats in variety of styles (foldable, roll-up, or stay flat), colors and sizes.

Gym Clothes

Gym Clothes

If you are planning to go to a gym, you can probably get away with wearing T-shirts and shorts all the time. But if you’re not into T-shirts and would like to know more about the Gym Wear, the following will help you choose the appropriate Fitness Apparel for you.

    • Jockstrap. This is an undergarment support for the genitals and is worn by men who engage in strenuous activities and Fitness Programs. One of the frequently ignored Gym Advice is to wear a jockstrap or jockey shorts/briefs when you’re wearing baggy sweats or loose shorts. You may think this protective undergarment is ridiculous, but it can actually save you from being discussed unpleasantly – before or behind your brief-less behind.You can choose jockstraps with a hard or soft cup depending on the intensity of your Fitness Activity. Generally, jockstraps with soft cups are very comfortable and provide more protection than a regular jock. However, it is not a substitute for a hard cup when playing rougher sports. Some gym shorts (but nearly all shorts designed for runners) come with a built-in brief for added support and comfort. There’s also the “compression shorts” which is a distinctly designed undergarment that looks like bike shorts. This also does well under shorts or sweats.
    • Leggings. This gym wear is usually calf-length or full-length.
    • Shoes. Footwear is crucial especially if you have a long walking or running program. It is important that your shoes are sturdy, well-fitting, and appropriate for your chosen fitness activity. Well-fitting shoes that are broken in (but not broken down) and cushioning socks are vital, especially if you walk or run on hard surfaces.If you get into running and find out that your running shoes wear out quickly, a running or athletic-footwear store might recommend shoes with a long-wearing polyethylene base. This material is said to be more wear-resistant than others. When buying shoes, let fit and function be your guide. However, if you are experiencing discomfort, you might need to consult a “foot” specialist.
    • Shorts. A lot of people find a sports shorts made of a breathable synthetic material to be comfortable. A breathable synthetic shorts also makes you look like a serious exerciser. Still, if you don’t feel at ease wearing shorts in the gym, you might opt for calf-length or full-length tights or sweatpants.
    • Sports bras. Women should wear a sports bra especially when their Fitness Program or activity will include bouncing around.Sports bras come in hook-closure or pullover styles and are usually made from a Lycra blend that stretches comfortably through various arm and body movements. The Lycra blend not only prevents discomfort, it also eliminates the prospect of bouncing breasts.

      There are two main types of sports bras to choose from, the compression and the encapsulation. The compression type is more apt for small to medium breasted women since it presses the breasts against the chest in a single mass. The encapsulation, on the other hand, works better for the full-figured or large-breasted since this type is built to hold each breast in a cup.

      All sports bras have wide shoulder straps for support and comfort. Aside from this, many sports bras are breathable, wicks moisture away from your skin, and come in T-back designs for additional comfort and support.

      When you Choose a Sports Bra That’s Right for you, remember three things: proper fit, comfort, and structure.

    • Sweat pants. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing sports shorts, you might prefer to wear tights or sweatpants in the gym.

Gym Clothes - T-shirt

  • Tank tops. Some people find wearing a tank top in the gym too revealing. Still, if you’re working on your upper body, you’ll be able to concentrate more on your muscle groups if you wear a tank top. Seeing your muscles contracting and lengthening can also be a good motivational means for you.
  • T-shirts. Almost everybody who goes to a gym wears T-shirts (at one point or another). T-shirts have been tried, tested and have been accepted by a lot of gym goers as the most comfortable workout upper garment. Most people find a breathable synthetic shirt comfortable and makes them look like a serious exerciser.

Choose pieces of Fitness Apparel that can provide comfort so that you can enjoy your Fitness exercises. Wearing the proper outfit needed for a particular activity can enable you to move with comfort and ease.

Dumbbell Weights Set | Dumbbells Sets

Dumbbell Weights Set | Dumbbells Sets

Dumbbells are short bars with weights at each end. Dumbbell weights are usually used in pairs for different types of exercises. This gym equipment is a good buy for home training because of its versatility.

Also, dumbbell sets can be used to work specific muscles and to intensify some exercises. Keep in mind that a fine dumbbell set should last a lifetime. We have a large collection of fitness dumbbells in different shapes and various sizes.