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Physical Fitness TestsThere is an endless list of sports to try, from swimming to Golf to Rock Climbing. It’s always fun to venture into a new physical activity, but are you fit enough to do it?

This is where Physical Fitness Tests come in. Physical Fitness Tests are important in assessing one’s physical prowess. They give you—or your Fitness trainer—an idea of your capability so you don’t immediately do an advanced move that’ll bring you injuries afterwards. The results of a Physical Fitness Test guide you on how you ought to pace the progress of your physical activities. Here are some of the basic Physical Fitness Tests:

Sit and Reach Test
This tests the flexibility of the lower back. Sit on a flat surface with legs open straight out in front of you. Breathing deeply, raise both arms above your head, and then bend down, trying to reach your toes. Try to hold the position for about 10 seconds. Have someone mark the area touched by the tips of your fingers, then measure the distance of your reach in inches using a yardstick. You may choose to practice before the actual measuring.

Sit-ups Test
Sit-ups measure the endurance of the abdominal muscles. Lie down on the floor with legs bent. Place your hands behind your head, and do as many sit-ups as you can within one minute. Keep track of the proper form. The number of sit-ups you do in a minute is your score.

Physical Fitness Tests

Push-ups Test
Push ups test the strength of one’s upper body, particularly the arm muscles. Lie down facing the floor, your palms planted firmly on the ground. Hoist your chest up by bending your elbows, then go back down again. Remember to maintain proper posture: your back must be straight. Repeat the push-ups for one minute. The number of moves you do within that minute is your score.

1.5 Mile Run
This aims to determine the status of one’s cardiovascular muscles, as well as one’s endurance. A 1.5 mile run is timed; the lower your running time, the better your stamina.

These aren’t just Physical Fitness Tests actually; you can incorporate most of them into your workout. Regular sit-ups, for instance, will tone your abdomen, while running is a good way to burn calories and tone your lower body.

Remember that it is important to test your physical Fitness before plunging into a new physically challenging sport. Doing these simple exams can go a long way: since you know what your body is capable of, you know what type of sports you can do and the level at which you can perform them. This helps prevent injuries, and of course, ensures that you have a good time.

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