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Rear Leg Lifts (Training with Your Own Body Weight)

This type of resistance exercise makes use of your own body to create resistance. Fitness exercises that involve lifting your own body weight help improve your posture and strengthen and protect your skeletal system. One of these exercises is the Rear Leg Lift. This resistance exercise targets your hamstrings and gluteal muscles. The hamstrings are the muscles situated at the back of your thighs, while the gluteal muscles form the buttocks. Learn how to do the Rear Leg Lifts in this section:

STEP 1: Get down on all fours (on a mat or on the floor). To protect your back, rest your forearms on the floor by lowering your elbows.
STEP 2: Raise and lower your left leg but keep it straight behind you; elevate it no higher than your hips level. Bend your left knee, and raise and lower your leg with your foot flexed and the sole pointing to the ceiling. Repeat with the right leg.

Whether you prefer working with Free Weights, Weights on Gym Machines or just with your own body weight, the important thing to do is to start realistically and keep at it – at all costs.

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