Triceps Dips (Training with Your Own Body Weight)


As the name suggests, the Triceps Dips target the triceps brachii muscles, commonly known as the triceps. These are the muscles that run on the backside of your upper arm from your shoulder to your elbow. They constitute two-thirds of your upper arm. These muscles straighten your elbows and allow you to push your arms forward.

To prepare your muscles and reduce the risk of injury, make sure to do some warm-up exercises before doing Triceps Dips, or any type of exercise for that matter. Learn how to do the basic Triceps Dips in this section:

STEP 1: Place your feet hip-width apart. Keep your back close to the bench.
STEP 2: Lower yourself until your arms are bent at 90°, then push back up until your arms are straight, but not locked.

Whether you prefer working with Free Weights, Weights on Gym Machines or just with your own body weight, the important thing to do is to start realistically and keep at it – at all costs.


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