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Upper Back Exercises

Building a wide back is every bodybuilder’s dream. This is often termed as one of the most difficult areas to train by bodybuilders due to non-visibility. In this section, learn different exercises which target your upper back.

Critical Upper Back Training Points

  • Train your back as often as you train your chest. Your aim is to maintain the balance between the chest and back muscle groups. One weak part will affect the other and may even be injurious.
  • Master the best back exercises mentioned below.
  • Since back muscles are not visible, you need to develop an excellent mind-muscle connection and squeeze your back muscles hard during the entire exercise.
  • Use free weights for exercises like shrugs and bent over rows.

Upper Back Muscles
Upper Back ExercisesTrapezius, Latissimus dorsi, rhomboids and teres major are the four major muscles of the upper back region. These are also the antagonistic to chest muscles.

These muscles give back their muscularity and thickness. Trapezius can also be regarded as a neck muscle. To build a strong muscular and thick neck, the traps need to be huge.

Best Upper Back Exercises
Chin Ups/Lat Pull Downs, Bent Over Rows, Seated Rows and Shrugs are the best Upper Back Exercises.

Some Exercise Points worth-remembering

    • Bent Over Rows
      Use free weight and an overhand grip. Touch the barbell to your abdominal region, not your chest.Avoid rounding the back.
    • Shrugs
      Free weights, especially dumbbells, are excellent as they give additional mobility at the top. Squeeze at the top and hold for 1-2 seconds.Avoid doing shrugs too fast.
    • Seated Rows
      Keep your back straight and knees bent throughout the exercise.Avoid rounding the back.
  • Chin Ups/Lat Pull Downs
    Chin Ups are always your first choice here. If you cannot do Chin Ups, do assisted Chin Ups until you can do at least 20 Chin Ups. Your Lat Pull Downs will automatically improve.Avoid giving up too early. I agree – Chin Ups are difficult but they are excellent mass builders.Never hold your breath. Instead, exhale while you exert.

I hope you will heed these pieces of advice and have a killer upper back workout next time you hit the gym.

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